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Arrival of the Couëron at the Minerallium

Arrival of a new work at the Minerallium

This “Couëron” is an exceptional piece of an oak trunk testifying to a past of 6300 years old. After a year of research and restoration, this oak trunk dating from the Neolithic era was able to reach Brittany to be exhibited in a definitively way in the Minerallium building. It returns to his original land, near the black marshes of Saint-Guinoux, where he was discovered by a farmer in the middle of one of his fields. The different stages, from its discovery to its restoration, were the subject of a report to discover and highlight all the actors who participated in the Couëron adventure.





Discover the Couëron adventure :


Le Coueron arrive au Minerallium
Arrivée du Coueron au Minerallium
Arrivée du Couëron au Minerallium