Website Terms & Conditions of Use

Applicable from 6 July 2020


Those words or expressions capitalised in these terms and conditions are shown below accompanied by their meaning:
‘Terms & Conditions’ mean the Terms & Conditions governing the use of the Website.
‘ Publisher‘ means the company publishing the Website, as shown in the Legal information.
‘Host’ means the company identified as such in the Legal information.
‘Services’ means those services shown on the Website (visits, workshop sessions, conferences, publications, discussions, etc.). These Services are not sold on the Website.
‘Website’ means this website and all the pages it contains, which are available at
‘User’ means any natural person over the age of majority accessing and browsing the Website, regardless of the technologies and/or devices used.

Purpose and Scope

Our Terms & Conditions define the conditions governing Website access and use by Users. All Users agree to respect these Terms & Conditions. They will apply and be deemed to have been consulted and accepted by Users as soon as they begin to browse the Website. The website Terms & Conditions are therefore enforceable in respect of Users.
They may be viewed at any time and are subject to modification: the applicable version is the version in force on the Website at the time a User visits the Website.


The Publisher collects and processes personal data and uses cookies in the context of the Website in accordance with the Confidentiality and Privacy Charter and Cookie Policy.

Internet Terms & Conditions

Website operation

Although the Website is optimised for most devices and most common browsers, the Publisher does not guarantee correct operation of the Website on the equipment specific to individual Users.
The attention of the User is drawn to the risks and technical difficulties inherent to the Internet and information technology in general, which are beyond the control or actions of the Publisher. These risks and difficulties can result in:
– An inability to access the Website, slow speed of access, software and/or hardware incompatibility
– Loss, misappropriation or corruption of data, particularly as a result of a virus
It is the sole responsibility of the User to take all appropriate action to protect his or her own data, login details and passwords, and to keep his or her system, browser and antivirus software up to date.
The User hereby agrees to refrain from engaging in any technical operations with the potential to compromise the integrity, security or availability of the Website, and specifically agrees to refrain from any form of source code analysis or reverse engineering.
Under no circumstances whatsoever will the Publisher be liable for any of the risks and difficulties detailed above or their consequences for the User.


User behaviour and responsibility

All Users are responsible for the data they circulate, use and/or transfer via the Website or in connection with the Website. In this respect, the User hereby agrees to comply fully with all regulations in force, and particularly those relating to manifestly illicit content (indecency, incitement to racial hatred, paedophilia, etc.) and the protection of third-party rights (intellectual property rights, etc.).
The Publisher accepts no liability for the use of data and content circulated, used and/or transferred by the User via the Website or in connection with the Website, where such data would be in breach of the applicable regulations.

Respect for intellectual property

The presentation and content of the Website together constitute a work protected by the applicable laws regarding intellectual property rights. The names or designations, logos, trademarks and creative content displayed on the Website (drawings, photographs, images, text, animated sequences – with or without sound – and other documentation) are registered and/or protected as such, and the Publisher is either the owner or licensee of such works.
In general terms, the User will refrain from infringing intellectual property rights (copyright, related rights, the sui generis right of the database producer, trademark law, domain names, etc.) relating to the presentation and content of the Website.
No commercial use, reproduction, representation, use, adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation or marketing of these elements of content (including those that can be downloaded and/or copied), whether partial or full, may be made without the prior written consent of the Publisher, except for private use subject to the provisions of the French Intellectual Property Code.
Any unauthorised use of any Website content, including the Website name, is prejudicial to the Publisher, for which the latter reserves the right to claim compensation. Such use is also likely to constitute an act of counterfeiting, which is a criminal offence punishable under the French Intellectual Property Code.


Although the Publisher makes every effort to provide Users with up-to-date and accurate content, all information published on the Website (including technical, legal and regulatory information) is provided purely for information purposes, for which the Publisher accepts no liability whatsoever. The information available on the Website does not, under any circumstances, constitute advice given by the Publisher to Users.

In accordance with applicable regulations, the Publisher will accept liability for content provided on the Website only where, having been informed of the illegality of such content under the conditions provided for by law, the Publisher does not promptly remove access to such content.

The liability of the Publisher to the User will be limited to those actions that are directly attributable to the former, and which cause the User direct and material prejudice, excluding any indirect prejudice, loss of data or financial loss resulting from the improper use of the Website or any information provided on the Website, or of any websites linked to it, or from any fault on its part, or as a result of actions attributable to a third party.

The Publisher may have to suspend Website access temporarily or permanently, particularly for legal, technical and/or maintenance reasons. The Publisher accepts no liability whatsoever for Website non-availability for any reason whatsoever, whether such non-availability is temporary or permanent. Furthermore, the Publisher accepts no liability whatsoever for any errors or breakdowns inherent to the information system. More specifically, the Publisher accepts no liability whatsoever for data transmission delays, data transmission reliability, access times or possible access restrictions imposed on specific networks and/or servers connected to the Internet.


The insertion by the User of any hyperlink to all or part of the Website is strictly forbidden, unless prior written permission has been granted by the Publisher in response to a request e-mailed to the following address:
The Publisher may refuse such permission with no obligation to provide any justification whatsoever for its decision. Any permission granted by the Publisher will be temporary and may be withdrawn at any time, with no obligation on the Publisher to provide any justification whatsoever for such withdrawal.
Regardless of circumstances, any such link must be removed immediately at the request of the Publisher.
Any information accessible via a link to other websites is not under the control of the Publisher, which accepts no liability whatsoever for the content of such websites.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms & Conditions and their consequences are governed by French law.
The French courts have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of any dispute.
Any dispute that may arise between the User and the Publisher in relation to these Terms & Conditions and has not been amicably resolved will be brought before the competent courts within the jurisdiction of the Publisher’s registered office.