Projet PISA d'agriculture durable au Brésil

PISA Initiative (Brazil)

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Supporting dairy producers in southern Brazil

The PISA initiative created in 2009 by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture is coordinated by Aliança SIPA. It provides technical advices to more than 1,600 mixed-crop-livestock farms of less than 15 ha in southern Brazil. The objective is to improve yields and diversify production on the farm to ensure better income for farmers by using sustainable agricultural principles (agroecology, soil conservation agriculture, ecological intensification, etc.)

Conservation agriculture, climate-smart agriculture, ecological intensification, farm system design, “rotatinuous” grazing management are examples of technological frameworks that PISA promotes to improve the naturel resources management.

The Roullier Endowment Fund signs a partnership agreement with ALIANÇA SIPA, supporting for 2 years a post-doc mission. The researcher will have to collect and consolidate all the data identified with the farmers and measure PISA impact on the farmers.

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PISA is a conciliatory solution model of blended good farming practices frameworks, inspired by nature and aims to be as flexible as to adapt to any food production system.  PISA promotes to accomplish parallel goals as saving lands, saving family working loads, produce food or increase farm profitability.

Paulo Carvalho President of SIPA Alliance BRESIL