La Chaire Mutations Agricoles oeuvre pour les paiements pour services environnementaux

Changes in Agriculture Chair

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Supporting farmers in their new models

The Chair Changes in Agriculture, created in 2013 by the Ecole Supérieure d’Agricultures d’Angers, is based on the works of 8 research professors in sociology and rural economy. The Chair conducts research on the transformations of the worlds of agriculture and rurality, as well as on the initiatives taken by farmers to recreate a link with society.

Among its work, the Chair has been studying for many years projects on the valuation of agricultural productions (energy production, carbon storage in soil, water quality improvement, management of biodiversity) such as compensation markets, energy diversification, or local channels supported by farmers’ collectives.

The Roullier Endowment Fund committed to the Chair Changes in Agriculture to support research works enhancing the value of environmental services rendered by farmers to society, in connection with Trame and the LabPSE project collective.

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Mutations agricoles paysages

Today, farmers’ collectives are experimenting the implementation of Payments for Environmental Services (PES). Our goal is to help these collectives to take on the role of service producers, to build a coordinated supply across the territory that meets local environmental issues, and to mobilize buyers. Thanks to the support of its partners, the Changes in Agriculture Chair is analysing experimentation to produce transferable methods.

Bertille Thareau, Chair head